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Business Strategy Consulting

This service is ideal for the business owner, company executive, or services professional who is:

  • At a critical juncture in terms of business growth, development, or direction.
  • In need of a comprehensive marketing strategy, plan, and an aggressive implementation program.
  • In the midst of significant change.
  • Wanting to sharpen communication or leadership skills.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough resources (time, money, energy, staff).
  • Having trouble making decisions.
  • Committed to taking their business and performance to the next level of success.
  • Prepared to set goals, take action, and do the work.

At the team level, business strategy consulting is best suited for groups within an organization that are:

  • Setting a new direction, starting a new project, or reorganizing.
  • Not performing up to their full potential; having difficulty reaching goals.
  • Experiencing stress due to downsizing or a change in leadership.
  • Having trouble working as a team due to lack of cohesiveness, infighting, or interpersonal conflicts.
  • Suffering from low morale, frustration, disappointment, or discouragement.

What can you expect to achieve when you engage in business strategy consulting? The ability to …

  • Work with a clear sense of direction and purpose.
  • Attract more business with greater ease.
  • Deal with change in a productive, forward-thinking way.
  • Improve leadership and communication skills.
  • Feel in control of your time and other resources.
  • Make decisions with confidence and in a timely manner.
  • Manage and direct a high-functioning team.
  • Improve morale and increase productivity within your organization.


Every client is different but there are a few elements in my approach that apply universally.

A focus on solutions: We'll spend time at the outset of our work together defining specific problems, but we don't stay "in the problem" for very long. Progress is made when we focus on solutions, options, and possibilities.

A bias for action: Once potential solutions are evident, I work to get clients into action as quickly as possible. Results are achieved by taking carefully thought out, purposeful actions, and measuring progress along the way.

Collaboration: I work in partnership with my clients so that the decisions they make and the results they achieve are their's, not mine. I serve as a thinking partner.

Strategic alliances: I bring in experienced and highly qualified professionals when needed so that every client gets the specialized advice they need.

Commitment and dedication: Once I'm working with a client I demonstrate unwavering commitment and focus on their success. I'll step outside my comfort zone and encourage my clients to do the same if that's what it takes to achieve the agreed upon goals.

Results oriented: I know that you want results you can take to the bank. I combine my knowledge about business and psychology to work with clients. I'm pragmatic in my approach and stay focused on bottom-line success in each and every case.


I work with decision makers and their teams — usually in that order. In most cases, I begin by consulting with the company founder, president, or CEO to clarify issues, opportunities, goals, and desired outcomes. From there, the work often expands to include managers and staff where I work both one-on-one and with teams.

The length of time we work together will be determined by the challenges you need to solve, your objectives and desired outcomes, the pace of progress, and your budget. The goal is to achieve results that are sustainable over time, long after our work together is complete.

The work we do together may include consulting, developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan, education and training, strategic planning, teambuilding activities or other group work, or any combination of these services.

Are you ready to gain perspective, set meaningful business goals, create an action plan, and take your business to the next level? If so, contact me today.

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"Clients bring their knowledge and commitment; I use the power of psychology. Together we produce great business results."

—Nora Wolfson