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30-90 minutes

  • The Key to Success is Listening. Even though you don't have to move a muscle to do it, listening requires more effort than talking. Learn three key listening skills that will give you "the edge" in business and in your personal life.
  • Get Excited About Marketing Your Business. If thinking about how to promote your business is the last thing you want to do, this keynote will turn your attitude around. Marketing can be fun, creative, and easy. Really!
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change: What Leaders Must Know. It's easy to embrace change when you're the one calling the shots. Learn how to effectively implement change in your organization without raising the anxiety levels of everyone around you.


Half-day, full-day, customized

  • Get on the Fast Track to More Clients: Learn to Play Marketing Ball. If you're not playing to win, why get on the field? Marketing is a game. Once you know the rules and the strategy you're on your way to being number one in your league.
  • Understanding, Managing, and Planning for Change. Did you know that a huge percentage of change efforts fail? This workshop delivers information and a proven methodology for leading a successful change. You will leave with workshop with new ideas that you can use immediately.
  • Becoming a Leader People Will Follow. Learn why being good with strategy is not enough. Develop your capabilities as a leader, leverage the wisdom and skill within team, and achieve business success that is aligned with your vision.


Group learning by phone

Marketing Action Groups. Join a group of successful, motivated business professionals — like you — who are ready to take themselves and their organizations to the next level by attracting all the clients and customers they need. Click here for details.

Advanced Listening and Communicating Skills. If you aren't as effective in getting your ideas across as you'd like to be or in quickly "getting" what others want you to understand, you're not alone. In this teleconference, you will learn the core points of listening, common pitfalls to avoid, and you'll put it all into practice. As a result, you will experience dramatically increased effectiveness at work and in your personal life.

For information on upcoming public workshops and teleconferences or to schedule a keynote or workshop for your organization or association, please contact me.

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"Clients bring their knowledge and commitment; I use the power of psychology. Together we produce great business results."

—Nora Wolfson